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Money is not the most important thing in human life. Money is not evil and not goodness. Money is not even energy (although many people claim otherwise). Money is just a tool created by man, and which that man is forced to use today.

But with this tool a person can realize many important things in his life. With the money, you can both create and destroy. And knowing this, it is critically important to use this tool for a good cause. The choice always belongs to the man himself.



Welcome to the team of like-minded people united to create the long-term investment club.

The uniqueness of this project is primarily in the fact that most revenue will have not the creators of the project, but its active investors and partners.
Today on the Internet you can find many super-proposals promising high returns. But only a few get them. Basically, it is the creators of the projects themselves and “referral farmers”.

We thought very carefully creating the project, which should be highly profitable and could work for a long time.

Taking into account the market and after careful analysis, the developers adhere to the basic principle of creating the project, which should be highly profitable and could work for a long period at the same time.

Compare the statistics of the average profitability of the business in the most developed countries in 2012-2015:

United Kingdom11,5%
USA 12,8%

As you can see, the conclusion is the following: to have European business with efficiency above 10% is good enough, and the business which generates revenue of more than 20% is especially noteworthy.

Let us consider the most cost-effective types of business at this time. Superiority belongs to the tobacco companies, where the return on equity amounted to 53.4% in 2014. Second place, of course, is given to producers of alcohol (23.05%).

This is to ensure that the profitableness inherent to the most of the Internet super-projects and promised by various "legends" is just a marketing ploy. Many people understand it.

One of our desires is to make our project special, something worthwhile, and income-generating for a long time to meet the needs of as wide partners audience as possible. The project should be exclusive, and make a profit from a real business. In addition, it is important to be always in a new and rapidly growing trend.

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How the project Investors
Club «Allinvestors» will be realized?:

The project consists of two stages of development. In the first stage, it was decided to implement a preliminary draft, which provides the payment of sufficiently high interest on investments. The purpose of the preliminary draft is the accumulation of the necessary capital for the second phase. The main objective of the first stage is the investors’ community formation and creating the conditions for long-term investment.

In the second stage, our main goal will be realized. It is the launch of the Investors Club «Allinvestors». Investors invested in the preliminary stage the amount of 500 USD and higher in the future become the club's partners and are entitled to participate in the distribution of 70-80% of the income from investments undertaken by the club «Allinvestors» by the equity principle. The last 20-30% of the club's revenue will go to the reserve fund and the development fund, as well as to ensure the fund of the club currency ClubCoin. Initially, the size of dividends paid to the partners of the club will not be high. But according to the project concept, the income will be long-term.

Investors Club «Allinvestors» initially plans to invest in four areas: trade on Forex, investment in cryptocurrency, investment in start-ups and investment in current investment projects with varying degrees of risk. The subject for the attention of the club's partners will not be only investment in other projects, but also creating their own projects by the development fund. In the future, with the aim to diversify investment more, the number of areas and projects in which we are going to invest, will only grow.

AIIINVESTORS is a platform for:

  • 1

    exchange of investment and business experience

  • 2

    active communication between members of the club

  • 3

    search for investors and specialists to implement your own business ideas

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